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Customer Testimonials

I have received the box yesterday afternoon. It is amazing. It is very much more than I was expecting. Your team done a wonderful job and I can't tell you how happy I am. Probably by the beginning of next week I'll get back to you. Thank you very much for your efforts. They are greatly appreciated.
--- Erhan
Thank you very much. I'm sure we will be using you again
--- Jeff
Thank you for all of your efforts on this one! One day, small children will sing songs about you!
--- Brendan
The flex boards arrived and packaged very nicely thank you. I will be doing a test market in about eight to ten weeks, after I complete my assembly and Q/C. I may have some purchase orders before this time and will most likely need more flex boards. I do believe we will be doing very much business in the future and I thank you again for your professional work communication.
--- David
I already received the item. Excellent quality work! Thanks!
--- Eliseo
The boards are to spec. Love the packaging no damage in transit. For the production version we will have a few design changes based on the leanings from the prototype. Will connect with you soon for the production run
--- Ajay
I received the sample at noon today. All tests are good. Please proceed with manufacture as soon as possible. Best regards and wishes for the holiday season.
--- Tommy
These boards are great.
I will also be sending you through our final plastic designs for a more accurate quote in probably two weeks.
Thank you
--- CAM.
I'm glad to be your reference; you've been providing us with very good service.
--- Mark
The boards worked pretty good and I'm happy with the build and assembly. We are working on the design aspects and will have a revised version to be built in couple months. At the moment, I need another assembly and I'll send you the gerber files and BOM for quote later in the day or by tomorrow. Thanks!
--- Natarajan
The PCB's are fine and being used as we speak. I should another new order soon I hope.
Thank you for the message. We have been busy working on software projects, so there haven't been any new PCB designs. We are very satisfied with your quality - it is very good. We will definitely be in touch when we work on new hardware again.
--- Dan
Thanks for your note, and we have not forgotten you and your fine services. We are thrilled with the quality of your boards, exceptional. My son is the designer in chief and is now finishing his first year at university studying electrical engineering. I expect more ideas will emerge in the future.
--- Dave
Thank you. I've looked over the Rev C boards that we had you manufacture and everything looks like it meets the IPC 6012 standard for a class 3 board, so quality looks good. I forgot to mention that the lead time for this should be quoted as 2 or 3 weeks.
--- Kelton
I have been consistently pretty pleased with the quality of the PCBs we've ordered from you. I have no complaints. You will definitely hear from me if I have any projects in the future.
--- Andrew
That's very nice of you to follow up with us! We'll let you know once we've received a notice to purchase more.
--- Christen